About Enmity – the Series

Enmity is a shortened update to the classic DVD series sold by Amazing Discoveries entitled Total Onslaught, featuring Professor Walter J. Veith,  reducing the 36-DVD series to a mere fifteen episodes.

Hundreds of thousands of copies of the classic Total Onslaught series have been sold around the world with enormous positive feedback . The series has been translated into 14 languages with 30 languages still in progress.

The new series Enmity will feature multiple guest speakers, in addition to Walter Veith, and will explore the idea of the controversy between good and evil raging on this planet in the context of historical and current events.

Some of the guest contributors include:
Phillip Sizemore
Joel Kratzke
Daniel Pel
Edwin deKock
Tim Riesenberger

For those interested to know what the difference is between the old classic Total Onslaught series and the new Enmity documentary series the differences are:

1) Total Onslaught was 1 lecturer on a stage for an hour and a half or more. Enmity will have several contributors and none of them on a stage preaching. Each contributor was filmed specifically for this documentary series so they are speaking directly on the topic.

2) Total Onslaught used powerpoints and slides on a screen.  Enmity will have updated 3D motion graphics. Text that used to be difficult to read will be made easier to read and may include motion. References will show after each quote.

3) The targeted audience will be expanded to reach more secular individuals in a younger age range.

24 thoughts on “About Enmity – the Series”

  1. I really Believe that Total Onslaught should be a require course for Every Living Breathing Soul .

  2. The Total Onslaught Series really opened my eyes to the truth. This series is a must watch for anybody seeking the truth, and anybody who has taken JESUS CHRIST as there savior.

  3. I originally bought the old Truth Matters series by Prof. Walter Veith when someone informed me about him after I raised concerns about current events. What an eye opening experience that was for me seeing the Great Controversy applied contemporaneously. I look forward to seeing this new series as so much has happened since Total Onslaught was produced. God bless your ministry.

  4. I totally agree that Total Onslaught is a must see for every seeker after truth. The mind is too precious a gift from God to just hand over in blind submission. Total Onslaught is an eye opener and I pray with you all that Enmity will reach many hearts and minds. To God be the glory for His people that are not afraid nor ashamed to stand with and for Him.
    May He continue to bless and keep you all til Christ’s return.

  5. It would be great to see prognostications about when this is going to be finished. There are a lot of us wanting to make a purchase and start showing it to others.

    1. No definite time estimate yet. We are hoping to have the 1st episode out by next year 2015. Possibly more than 1 episode. Thanks for continuing to be patient. We are as anxious as you to get it out, but we also want the product to be as good quality as we can make it.

  6. I really need the enmity series. Am living in South Africa. Please send me the details on how l can buy the series. Urgently.

    Thank you! Maranatha
    M. Mpofu

  7. When looking at your remarks on the conflict in heaven Satan had to have an attractive argument so strong it drew a third of the angels to deny God. I believe that Satan wanted Love, but a love that was unconditional for his creatures. God answers over the millennium with a plan and a conclusion that unconditional love can only be gained by Someone in the perfect Love status paying the price for broken conditions. Love, God’s love, has to have boundaries and laws.
    Regards, Eunice Hope, Great G’Ma, Australia

  8. As an SDA for many decades, I’d become disillusioned with increasing evidences of the Laodicean attitudes and actions in many of our churches across the country. Of late, the Lord has mercifully shown me my own need. I don’t have much of the world’s goods, and have fretted, loosing sight of His command promises and watch care–for even me. I accidentally came across the Total Onslaught series not too long ago. Having viewed the whole series and looking for more truth filled presentations, I discovered the clips for this new Enmity series. My prayers go heavenward for this project in a faith-filled knowledge that the Lord will protect and prosper you. It will be a soul saving undertaking–not just for the younger and newer viewers, but for the older vanguard like me who earnestly desire to be “shaken-up” in Jesus’ victory–not “shaken-out.”

  9. I could not determine by this how I can make a donation to help get this new series out. I agree a shortened version will be most helpful. Evelyn

  10. As a former Catholic, I always had a hunch that something was rather creepy about the church. I came across total onslaught while searching on line for info about sororities. Needless to say my life has changed drastically. I have abandoned Sunday for the true sabbath, and now understand what happens when someone dies etc. My husband and I Shared total onslaught with our congregation, and we are now a Sabbath keeping church. I truly thank God for amazing discoveries. I am really looking forward to watching enmity.

  11. Without knowing what difficulties you are having with ENMITY series, I was impressed to pray for your ministry every day. May the Lord help you to finish it in His time! Ths is my prayer from now on. In His service, Ruth

  12. Greetings from Virginia, USA!

    My wife Dee and I are thrilled that Pastor Dr. Veith is involved in the Enmity documentary. We are blessed to be able to donate towards this very important effort.

    We are both senior editors and are available to assist with editing, if needed.

    It is often difficult for people to convince me of anything (perhaps my German heritage is involved…). During the past six decades, I have attended many churches in many countries. I was even a Catholic for two years as a kid in the then Belgian Congo (my Dad was an American diplomat). It was Dr. Veith’s life history, combined with his convincing lectures in the Total Onslaught DVD series (and his other series which we bought), which finally convinced me that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is the one and only correct church to join. My wife is a lifelong Adventist, so she helped me understand a lot of it, too.

    I am developing a protocol to use to help bring others to the Adventist church. So far, it includes Dr. Veith’s interview on DVD and the first lecture in his Total Onslaught series (#201 – Just Another Man?).


  13. There must be joy in heaven, somehow, over such individuals yet remaining and standing on the Lord’s side to represent Him in truth against error and to expose so much advanced deceptions that has completely overtaken the whole world. The Lord is surely with Prof Veith and his team in their last minute warning crusade. Please the vast population of my language group needs to learn these.

  14. What specific type of support do you need (besides prayer) to facilitate this project to be completed and available for the public in the shortest time possible?

  15. i have watched tot on. several times and shared it with others – i have watched all of walter’s videos and just love his heart and mind – he is a wonderful teacher/ i have been anxiously waiting for Enmity. look so forward to it.

    1. The first episode came out in January, on Amazing Discoveries TV, I do believe. We watched it, but am now in the dark about when part 2 is coming out.

    1. I Totally Agree I Ordered The Total Onslaught Series and It Gave Me a More In-depth Understanding of Gods Word and Strengthened My Walk with My Savior and Friend Jesus Christ

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