15 thoughts on “Walter Veith on Enmity”

  1. My heart yearns to others know Jesus and him crucified. The risen saviour the Lord Jesus Christ is indeed the Saviour. He is the the truth and yhe life. Let his truth shine. Will continue to support this ministry and this project through prayer and financial support as the Lord blesses me. I believe with all my heart that this is indeed God’s work. Amen!

  2. Yes, I support this wholeheartedly. Amazing Discoveries has been and is a trustworthy site to hear Biblical topics related to our day. It takes courage to proclaim these things and I stand with AD and others who are on the front lines. May God continue to bless these efforts to proclaim these truths.

  3. There is one more layer of deception which is the inner core of all Satan’s deceptions, and that is “the knowledge of good and evil.” With this “knowledge” he deceives the world and the churches “from beginning to ending” EGW. Even God’s people are unaware of it. I hope you get to the bottom of what that is. God bless!

  4. Mr Veith, I’m so glad and very excited when I hear you glorifying God instead of humanism, this is because you were an evolutionist. I’m so amazed at the works of God and his Love for humans. May we love the truth, this is Jesus, day by day and become stronger in his Word. I really hope God uses you even more , I’m so proud that God has his people , even when all seems to be darkness…. We know who this war belongs to, and I thank God for that. I still have a long way to learn and grow, but through your testimony and projects ,I’ve been inspired and motivated to follow the truth no matter what. I hope we can meet one day when Jesus finally comes. From the bottom of my heart , I wish you a torrent of blessings for you and your team and all the people who are involved in the mission God wanna finish.


  5. Looking forward to the Series ! Will it be provided as each one becomes available or will they release the whole series at once ?

  6. Thank you Pastor VEITH for your ministry
    The Lord Jesus Christ opened my eyes. I haven’t been praying for you and your ministry. May God continue bless you in every and protect you and your family

  7. You have our support. We will definitely contribute monetarily and in prayer. If there is anything else we can do, please do not hesitate to call on us. Our time is short – we must move quickly!
    -Pastor and Mrs. Samuel Thomas, Jr.

  8. Just prayed for the documentary and the people putting everything together to make this happen!

    God bless you and the ministry!

    To God be the glory,
    Brook Boggs

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