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Narrator Found !

A Narrator for Enmity has been Found!   The new narrator – Mackenzie Drebit – is also the Co-Director of the series.

IMG_9336-50We searched for a long time for a suitable narrator, asking God to send us the right one. Many put their names forward to our request for a narrator and were prayerfully considered. But God already had the narrator prepared for us. He was not far after all.  Mackenzie Drebit, one of our very own video editors, has a passion for Amazing Discoveries and for this documentary series geared to a target age group of 20 to 45.

Mackenzie came to us from Saskatchewan about a year ago to volunteer as a video editor, and later was hired as staff. As we were searching for a narrator, it became clear that this young man had a desire to make this documentary series a success. After an audition, he was chosen as the narrator for the series. Please pray for him as he works to prepare and present the script as well as directing the narrative scenes.


Finishing this project will be costly. We have received $214,000 to date and need 1 million dollars to complete the project .  That will be an average cost of $66,000 per episode. The normal cost for making successful documentaries ranges from $200,000 to $1,000,000 per one hour documentary.  For about the same price, we are planning to put out 15 episodes, most of them over one hour! Now with an in-house narrator, we will be able to record more swiftly and cheaply.

We have had many obstacles already placed in our path to prevent this series from continuing to completion, and we know that when the devil is angry we are working on something important that God wants us to do.

If you feel passionate about the Enmity series, please consider a donation towards this worthy project. Those that have already seen a rough draft of episode 1 have been excited at what they saw. One individual is looking forward to sharing this series with her secular family and friends, and is anxious to get a copy. Others who have watched the rough draft have had similar sentiments and are excited by the opportunities this project will offer to those who are resistant to the gospel.

We look forward in faith to the completion of this project with your support.

Wendy Goubej
Executive Producer/Director