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Teaser Trailer Episode 1 – Production Begins

We have exciting news! We are launching into full production of the Enmity series. Finally after over 3 years of script writing, research, and interview gathering, we are beginning the final recordings and post production of the first episode.

Each episode will also have Spanish and German subtitles in order to make it available to more language groups.

Episode #1 will be ready in the late fall of 2015, with subsequent episodes to be released at regular intervals.

Please pray for the series, and if you like what you see and believe this project should go forward, please support it with your donations.

Narrator Found !

A Narrator for Enmity has been Found!   The new narrator – Mackenzie Drebit – is also the Co-Director of the series.

IMG_9336-50We searched for a long time for a suitable narrator, asking God to send us the right one. Many put their names forward to our request for a narrator and were prayerfully considered. But God already had the narrator prepared for us. He was not far after all.  Mackenzie Drebit, one of our very own video editors, has a passion for Amazing Discoveries and for this documentary series geared to a target age group of 20 to 45.

Mackenzie came to us from Saskatchewan about a year ago to volunteer as a video editor, and later was hired as staff. As we were searching for a narrator, it became clear that this young man had a desire to make this documentary series a success. After an audition, he was chosen as the narrator for the series. Please pray for him as he works to prepare and present the script as well as directing the narrative scenes.


Finishing this project will be costly. We have received $214,000 to date and need 1 million dollars to complete the project .  That will be an average cost of $66,000 per episode. The normal cost for making successful documentaries ranges from $200,000 to $1,000,000 per one hour documentary.  For about the same price, we are planning to put out 15 episodes, most of them over one hour! Now with an in-house narrator, we will be able to record more swiftly and cheaply.

We have had many obstacles already placed in our path to prevent this series from continuing to completion, and we know that when the devil is angry we are working on something important that God wants us to do.

If you feel passionate about the Enmity series, please consider a donation towards this worthy project. Those that have already seen a rough draft of episode 1 have been excited at what they saw. One individual is looking forward to sharing this series with her secular family and friends, and is anxious to get a copy. Others who have watched the rough draft have had similar sentiments and are excited by the opportunities this project will offer to those who are resistant to the gospel.

We look forward in faith to the completion of this project with your support.

Wendy Goubej
Executive Producer/Director

Enmity – Episode 2: What’s It About?

Episode 2 of the new Enmity series covers the principles of salvation and identifies Jesus as the Saviour of mankind and the law that was broken by our sin in context of the great controversy between Christ and Satan.  The episode will cover 201 Jesus Imposter or Messiah of the Total Onslaught series and parts of 204 An Advocate for Our Time.

By causing Adam and Eve to sin, Satan figured he had thwarted God’s plan by gaining a foothold into the universe where he could set up his government, but God’s solution surprised even Lucifer…..

Watch for more updates on the content and progress of Enmity coming up on this blog.

Episode 1: An Overview – Battle Lines

Episode One of our new documentary, the Enmity Series is beginning to take shape. In the first episode,  we introduce the concept of the war between good and evil — a foundational concept that will run through each episode as a unifying thread — and we examine this enmity right at its point of origin. Without enmity, we, and this world, would have already been extinguished. But with enmity, a natural tension results between good and evil and this enmity has expanded further into a declaration of war.

The idea of enmity is first introduced in Genesis in the setting of the Garden of Eden shortly after the creation of the world. However, the Bible tells us the enmity didn’t have its start there but began even before planet Earth was created. In the first episode, we peek into heaven to examine what really happened there when Lucifer rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven.

We know that when the world was made, Lucifer was already at enmity with God and came to Eve, God’s created child, with a concoction of lies and deception.  Because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, our world became a very different place than it might have been. In reality, Eve’s simple act was nothing short of revolutionary, moving the conflict from heaven to new territory. In Episode one, we consider how God dealt with the crisis.

As we examine this war between God and Lucifer, we are faced with some intriguing questions:

  • What if Adam and Eve had never sinned? How would God’s plan have worked out?
  • What is heaven like? Why did God create angels and how do they relate to us?
  • How great a threat was Lucifer’s rebellion to God’s government? How did he manage to steal the hearts of fully one third of the angels?
  • What was Lucifer’s original argument against God anyway?
  • Why didn’t God just kill him for his rebellion? Why did He even let him continue to exist and infect earth with his evil insinuations?
  • What is our part in this great drama? Do we have any contribution to make at all or are we just pawns caught in the middle?
  • Why were we even created in the first place? Didn’t God know we might sin? He’s God. He must have understood the risk, right?
  • How much of the mess we are in is actually God’s fault?

Stay tuned for progress on this exciting new project from Amazing Discoveries.