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Enmity – without and within – Prayer Needed

The Enmity documentary series is still underway. We originally intended to have #1 ready by fall 2015, and it looked like we were going to produce the DVD on time. But the devil thought he’d send us a few monkey wrenches.

Ever since we started filming this series, we have had innumerable setbacks and clear evidence that the devil isn’t happy with this project. While recording Walter’s portions, which are so pivotal to the series, our equipment kept failing. Breakers would go off, lights would go off and we could not turn them back on. Already then, more than a year ago, we knew the devil didn’t want this series to be completed.

Since then, the harrassment has continued – from scheduling delays, other work piling up that prevented further progress, technical difficulties, discouragement, and much much more.

This summer, we realized that we need to re-record several portions of the first episode and that in order to produce a good quality production we would need better cameras, and so the search for a camera that was right for this job started, and has taken up more time than expected.

Recently,  the associate script writer & editor has taken other employment and cannot continue on the project – leaving just when we are working on the script of the climax of the series – the most challenging episodes. Also our Bible worker who was just coming on board to help with script, narration, and the set was involved in an accident on the weekend dislocating his arm, and now is also out of commission.

We ask you for your prayers for this project. Please pray that it will be completed, that we will be able to produce a series that will bring glory to God,  and that progress will not be hampered any further. Please also pray that the team involved will not be discouraged by the many setbacks and discouragements that the devil is aiming at us.

Enmity – the Documentary series

Enmity Documentary series

Enmity – the Documentary series explores the notion of a war between good and evil raging on this planet.   Are good and evil  just naturally  co-existent or is there more to it?  When did this “war” begin and, most importantly, will it ever end?   Who are the players?

How do humans factor in to this struggle – or are we nothing more than unfortunate victims caught in the middle?

enmity documentary series

This Enmity Documentary series  will discuss these questions and explore the Biblical evidence of a good versus evil controversy not only in the Garden of Eden but throughout history and most importantly, in current events.  Stay tuned for more updates in the future.