Teaser Trailer Episode 1 – Production Begins

We have exciting news! We are launching into full production of the Enmity series. Finally after over 3 years of script writing, research, and interview gathering, we are beginning the final recordings and post production of the first episode.

Each episode will also have Spanish and German subtitles in order to make it available to more language groups.

Episode #1 will be ready in the late fall of 2015, with subsequent episodes to be released at regular intervals.

Please pray for the series, and if you like what you see and believe this project should go forward, please support it with your donations.

2 thoughts on “Teaser Trailer Episode 1 – Production Begins”

  1. The truth does not need Hollywood theatrics to support it! Background music mood control confuses the hearing of anyone fitted with hearing aids such as myself. Whenever the narrator speaks cut out the music entirely – surely you wish to reach everyone! For me the effort trying to decipher what is being said over the music is irritating to say the least.

  2. You may not realize this but when your videos here on enmitydocumentary.com, are playing they end with “related videos”. Sometimes they are not really “related” and may be something you would rather not be connected with. It looks like the videos are taken from youtube. To get rid of the related videos…first you click on “share”, then, embed. From there you scroll down to “show more”. Click on that. In addition to “sizes” you will see the following categories….
    “Show suggested videos when the video finishes”
    “Show player controls”
    “Show video title and player actions”
    “Enable privacy-enhanced mode [?] ”
    May I suggest that you uncheck everyone except “show player controls”. That way you will not have the “not so related” videos showing up at the end of your videos.
    I put up a lot of videos on my WordPress site and originally I didn’t know how to do this. Hope this helps.
    I wanted to also let you know I am really looking forward to the series “Enmity”. I put up a lot of the series from “Amazing Discoveries” on my site. The team at Amazing Discoveries does a great job. I’m picking a new one tonight to begin tomorrow at sundown.
    I would like to know if the series will eventually they be on you tube or available with an embed code through Amazing Discoveries, so that I can also help to spread the word?

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