Joel Kratzke – Commentary on Enmity

One of Enmity’s major guest contributors is  Joel Kratzke,  pastor and Bible worker from North Dakota.

He believes the Enmity documentary series will be helpful in sharing the story of the Great Controversy and the redemptive plan made available to each of us in the Garden of Eden after the fall of our first parents.

One thought on “Joel Kratzke – Commentary on Enmity”

  1. Been looking forward to this series for the past 18 months.
    A word of caution either omit the background music or turn it off when the speaker/narrator is saying something as someone with hearing aids like myself find it intensely irritating trying to make out what is being said due to the music actually blurring the words! Lets face it we want to reach everyone. Walter knows me reasonably well.
    Cheers Dave

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