Episode 1: An Overview – Battle Lines

Episode One of our new documentary, the Enmity Series is beginning to take shape. In the first episode,  we introduce the concept of the war between good and evil — a foundational concept that will run through each episode as a unifying thread — and we examine this enmity right at its point of origin. Without enmity, we, and this world, would have already been extinguished. But with enmity, a natural tension results between good and evil and this enmity has expanded further into a declaration of war.

The idea of enmity is first introduced in Genesis in the setting of the Garden of Eden shortly after the creation of the world. However, the Bible tells us the enmity didn’t have its start there but began even before planet Earth was created. In the first episode, we peek into heaven to examine what really happened there when Lucifer rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven.

We know that when the world was made, Lucifer was already at enmity with God and came to Eve, God’s created child, with a concoction of lies and deception.  Because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, our world became a very different place than it might have been. In reality, Eve’s simple act was nothing short of revolutionary, moving the conflict from heaven to new territory. In Episode one, we consider how God dealt with the crisis.

As we examine this war between God and Lucifer, we are faced with some intriguing questions:

  • What if Adam and Eve had never sinned? How would God’s plan have worked out?
  • What is heaven like? Why did God create angels and how do they relate to us?
  • How great a threat was Lucifer’s rebellion to God’s government? How did he manage to steal the hearts of fully one third of the angels?
  • What was Lucifer’s original argument against God anyway?
  • Why didn’t God just kill him for his rebellion? Why did He even let him continue to exist and infect earth with his evil insinuations?
  • What is our part in this great drama? Do we have any contribution to make at all or are we just pawns caught in the middle?
  • Why were we even created in the first place? Didn’t God know we might sin? He’s God. He must have understood the risk, right?
  • How much of the mess we are in is actually God’s fault?

Stay tuned for progress on this exciting new project from Amazing Discoveries.

8 thoughts on “Episode 1: An Overview – Battle Lines”

  1. Can’t wait for this new series, we need the new light, and certain truths we don’t hear from our pulpits.
    Thank you Amazing Discoveries Team
    you all are in my prayers weekly

  2. I have recently received a letter given to me by a friend. In it is this comment :-

    “Have you ever thought about this? That, but for man’s ungrateful proud rebellion against his maker, there would never have been the Incarnation. There would never have been such a visit to our world of the divine Lover.”

    My thoughts on the comments above are that this is Luciferian language. Asking us to be grateful for sin. Can you believe that? This program “Enmity” is coming at a most opportune time. Looking forward to the new series when it is realized. What is the expected date for this to happen?

    1. Hi Pam
      Yes this idea that sin was good because it brought us our Redeemer is a very Luciferian idea. The Mormons subscribe to this idea. It dishonors our Maker, and revels in His death. Thanks for your comment.

      No date has been set as yet. A tentative deadline for the 1st 5 is sometime in 2015. But we are still in pre-production so this date is only tentative.

  3. Can’t wait any longer for this one. When is the DVD going to released. May God bless all the people working on this project. Am waiting eagerly for this one. Thank you and God bless you all.

    1. Hi Leonard

      You’ll have to have quite a bit of patience, as we don’t expect the DVDs to be out for at least a year and the whole series within 2-3 years.

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