About the Producer

Amazing DiscoveriesEnmity
 is produced by the non-profit ministry Amazing Discoveries, also known as “AD”.

AD is dedicated to exposing deceptions in the areas of science, media, Bible prophecy, and current events.

The core team consists of:

Mackenzie Drebit   (video editor for Amazing Discoveries) as,  Director and Narrator,

Kirk Lepiten   (compositor and cinematographer for Amazing Discoveries) as Film Editor and Compositor,

Dorin Sovarosi as camera man and Film Editor for the series,

Nate Dickson as camera man for the series,

Chris Aitken  as Visual Effects Producer and Co-Compositor,

Cailey Morgan  (associate editor at Amazing Discoveries)  as Script Editor and Script Coordinator for the Enmity series, and

Wendy Goubej  (communications director for Amazing Discoveries)  as Producer/Director.

Please keep this dedicated team in prayer as we work towards completion of this epic series.

7 thoughts on “About the Producer”

  1. Having been though all the previous Walter Veith series and having been greatly blessed by them, I am truly looking forward to this new one. I’ve enjoyed Philip Sizemore’s presentations and have read Edwin de Kock’s Abuse book [the 666 one is one my wishlist]. It should be an amazing production.

    Exposing deceptions is surely what you do and do so well, too. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Sure looking forward to getting this series. Hope it’s out soon. We share all your materials with lots of people.

  3. Your lecture series have been a blessing to me, my family and all neighbors relatives, workmates, schoolmates and other individuals I have introduced/ shared the lectures with.

    I have so far in my library all the Walter Veith’s Lecture series except for “Repairing the Breach” series. I pray that God will give me the grace to update my home library’s AD section by getting it together with the upcoming “ENMITY”-Documentary series for I know that there is a lot more blessings of saving truth God has for me and everyone else around from those lectures/ documentaries too.
    Will keep monitoring as long as God gives me life here on earth and may God richly grant you the required strength as you continue to do this wonderful work.

    1. I was Blessed by being given Total Onslaught in 2008.
      It has impacted many people I know, both Believers and Secular.
      With world events accelerating in line with Prophecy at such a rate, I anxiously await “Enmity Series” availability.
      Please advise your estimated release.

  4. I found amazing Discoveries a few weeks and love to listen to Professor Walter Veith. That’s my “go to” web site now. Looking forward to viewing all his you tube and dvd’s. May god bless you and keep you safe.

  5. God bless you all keep your eyes on our Lord Jesus and when the time comes the whole 15 will be done, the Lord willing. Continually seeking the Lord he shall give it to thee. I will pray for the Lord to flourish this brilliant Series, you are on to exactly what people out in the world are thirsty for bring it to them in the appropriate vessel.

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