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Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes – with Phillip Sizemore

Phillip Sizemore is one of the guest speakers in the Enmity Documentary Series. Here’s a look at the filming session:


Phillip’s contributions to the series are energetic and passionate as he fleshes out important theological concepts. His training and experience as a pastor has given him unique insight into questions regarding Jesus’ Messiahship, the validity of the 10 commandments,  the origin of evil, and more.

Our favorite segment from his recordings?

Episode One:
He said don’t eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and if you do you will die. Satan comes along and says no, the wages of sin is not death, the wages of sin is you become even more like God. You become smarter, you become better. So it’s a reward for sinning. ….

This whole great controversy theme started in the garden of Eden. In the very beginning in the garden of Eden we find this little serpent talking to Eve as he’s in the tree . And by the time we get to the end of this earth’s history, the final battle of the great controversy, we’re no longer fighting this little serpent in the Garden of Eden, we’re now fighting this big dragon. And his whole goal, his whole focus is to deceive the whole world. Well, the little serpent, in the beginning he deceived the whole world, Adam and Eve. …That was the whole world. But in order for him to deceive the whole world at the end, he needs to be bigger and more powerful because he has so much more work to do right? So he grows up and becomes this big  dragon at the end of time. How did he get so big? Well, you and I have been feeding him. Feeding him well actually. The more we sin, the more we follow him, the more proud he becomes, the more powerful he becomes, and at the end of time he’s now this big dragon that has to be defeated by Christ only.

Enmity Documentary series vs. Total Onslaught series

How is the Enmity Series Different from Total Onslaught?

Some people might be asking: How is the Enmity Documentary series different from the original Total Onslaught series?

The main difference is that it’s a documentary-style series.

walter veith enmity series

Total Onslaught was 1 lecturer on a stage with powerpoints for an hour and a half or more. Enmity will have several contributors and none of them on a stage preaching. Each contributor was filmed specifically for this documentary series so they are speaking directly on the topic.

The second main difference is that the graphics will be updated. Total Onslaught used powerpoints or even slides on a screen. Enmity will have updated 3D motion graphics. Text that used to be difficult to read will be made easier to read and may include motion. References will show after each quote.

Thirdly, the targeted audience will be expanded to reach more secular individuals in a younger age range.

Will anything be left out of the series? 
A few things, yes, but none of the major concepts that viewers of the previous series have so enjoyed. Many segments of the previous series will be combined into one to achieve better continuous flow and thus repetition will be avoided.

The Angels in Heaven

A key thought from Episode 1:  “Battle Lines”:

In heaven, service is not rendered in the spirit of legality. When Satan rebelled against the law of Jehovah, the thought that there was a law came to the angels almost as an awakening to something unthought of. In their ministry, the angels are not as servants but as sons… Obedience is to them no drudgery. Love for God makes their service a joy.   (MB 109.)

So when Lucifer first presented his ideas in heaven to the angels, was when they first started to realize there even was a law. They had never noticed the law as something to think about or even to question, for they enjoyed their work so much. The God they served was a delight to obey – not as slaves or servants but as beings loved and cared for by God.  The atmosphere of heaven was one of love and joy.

The insinuations of Lucifer about God’s character introduced a concept that ran counter every principle of the kingdom – the twists and lies were deceptive and dangerous and put the angels into a valley of decision. Should they believe in God’s good character revealed to them thus far, or in Lucifer’s suggestions of a wicked alternative?

Could our perceptions of God still be affected by these lies and deceptions?

Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes – with Walter Veith

Here’s a look at the filming of Walter Veith’s portion of the documentary series on green screen.  Veith’s portions have been completed for all 15 episodes after 3 full weeks of filming in fall 2013.

Originally, we had intended to just use segments from the old Total Onslaught classic series, but God opened an unusual opportunity for Walter Veith to come to Canada for 2 months, giving us enough time to work through the scripts and film brand new footage.

Walter Veith will be the main guest speaker in the series, presenting all the main concepts just as in the original series.




Enmity – the Documentary series

Enmity Documentary series

Enmity – the Documentary series explores the notion of a war between good and evil raging on this planet.   Are good and evil  just naturally  co-existent or is there more to it?  When did this “war” begin and, most importantly, will it ever end?   Who are the players?

How do humans factor in to this struggle – or are we nothing more than unfortunate victims caught in the middle?

enmity documentary series

This Enmity Documentary series  will discuss these questions and explore the Biblical evidence of a good versus evil controversy not only in the Garden of Eden but throughout history and most importantly, in current events.  Stay tuned for more updates in the future.