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Sneak Peek Director’s Trailer

Our first director’s trailer is now available for the Enmity series.  We are launching into full production of the episodes and we covet your prayers as we head into recording of the final narration.

We will need many hours from our talented staff to help bring the series to completion by 2017.  Your generous donations towards this project are greatly appreciated and needed.

Narrator Needed

Do you know anyone who would be a good narrator? We are looking for a video narrator with a good voice and some camera experience for the new Enmity Documentary. The documentary includes 16 episodes with guest speakers. The narrator ties in the guest speakers, asks questions, and adds information to link the guest speakers. Fame or huge amounts of experience are not required. As long as you are comfortable with cameras you are a candidate.

Interested applicants should respond with cover letter, a resume and any samples if available to editor @

The Earth A Stage for Horrors

“Satanic agencies have made the earth a stage for horrors, which no language can describe. War and bloodshed are carried on by nations claiming to be Christian. A disregard for the law of God has brought its sure result. The great conflict now being waged is not merely a strife of man against man. On one side stands the Prince of life, acting as man’s substitute and surety; on the other, the prince of darkness, with the fallen angels under his commend. ” (Eph 6:12,13, 10, 11) – RH Feb 6, 1900

In the Enmity documentary we see the two sides in the great conflict between Christ and Satan. The earth is a stage on which is enacted the drama of the ages – an epic battle between the Creator of the Universe and his arch enemy. The Enmity documentary series will expose the two sides as we trace the controversy since the beginning of time right to its final victory by Christ.

Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes – with Edwin DeKock

We recently completed further sessions of recordings with Edwin deKock. Edwin recorded commentary about historical aspects of the Enmity Series including a discussion about the history of the Catholic Church during the Dark Ages, the rise of the Roman Empire, and the division of Rome into 10 regions of which 3 were eradicated. He is the author of several books on these topics and the historical method of interpreting Bible prophecy.  His books including Christ and Antichrist in Prophecy and History and the Truth about 666 .

Here are some shots of the recording:

Edwin DeKock

Edwin DeKock

Edwin DeKock

Satan’s Masterpiece of Evil

The Enmity script is starting to take shape.  The great controversy theme that will be traced through each episode shows us how Satan is achieving his plans to thwart Christ and to bind each human soul within his grasp. This is his masterpiece of evil.  Satan’s hatred for Christ is horrifying, and he uses humans to dishonor and hurt the Creator. As we contemplate this evil work, we see that those that submit to Satan’s control, will reflect his image and thereby pierce the very heart of Christ.

“The forces of darkness will unite with human agents who have given themselves into the control of Satan, and the same scenes that were exhibited at the trial, rejection, and crucifixion of Christ will be revived. Through yielding to satanic influences, men will be transformed into fiends; and those who were created in the image of God, who were formed to honor and glorify their Creator, will become the habitation of dragons, and Satan will see in an apostate race his masterpiece of evil–men who reflect his own image. ” – RH April 14, 1896

The Cain Principle

A key thought from Episode 2:

“In the case of Cain and Abel we have a type of two classes that will exist in the world till the close of time; and this type is worthy of close study. …… Cain represents those who carry out the principles and works of Satan, by worshiping God in a way of their own choosing. Like the leader whom they follow, they are willing to render partial obedience, but not entire submission to God.  ….. The Cain class of worshipers includes by far the largest number; for every false religion that has been invented has been based on the Cain principle, that man can depend upon his own merits and righteousness for salvation.”  ST, December 23, 1886 par. 8

Enmity – Episode 2: What’s It About?

Episode 2 of the new Enmity series covers the principles of salvation and identifies Jesus as the Saviour of mankind and the law that was broken by our sin in context of the great controversy between Christ and Satan.  The episode will cover 201 Jesus Imposter or Messiah of the Total Onslaught series and parts of 204 An Advocate for Our Time.

By causing Adam and Eve to sin, Satan figured he had thwarted God’s plan by gaining a foothold into the universe where he could set up his government, but God’s solution surprised even Lucifer…..

Watch for more updates on the content and progress of Enmity coming up on this blog.

Episode 1: An Overview – Battle Lines

Episode One of our new documentary, the Enmity Series is beginning to take shape. In the first episode,  we introduce the concept of the war between good and evil — a foundational concept that will run through each episode as a unifying thread — and we examine this enmity right at its point of origin. Without enmity, we, and this world, would have already been extinguished. But with enmity, a natural tension results between good and evil and this enmity has expanded further into a declaration of war.

The idea of enmity is first introduced in Genesis in the setting of the Garden of Eden shortly after the creation of the world. However, the Bible tells us the enmity didn’t have its start there but began even before planet Earth was created. In the first episode, we peek into heaven to examine what really happened there when Lucifer rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven.

We know that when the world was made, Lucifer was already at enmity with God and came to Eve, God’s created child, with a concoction of lies and deception.  Because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, our world became a very different place than it might have been. In reality, Eve’s simple act was nothing short of revolutionary, moving the conflict from heaven to new territory. In Episode one, we consider how God dealt with the crisis.

As we examine this war between God and Lucifer, we are faced with some intriguing questions:

  • What if Adam and Eve had never sinned? How would God’s plan have worked out?
  • What is heaven like? Why did God create angels and how do they relate to us?
  • How great a threat was Lucifer’s rebellion to God’s government? How did he manage to steal the hearts of fully one third of the angels?
  • What was Lucifer’s original argument against God anyway?
  • Why didn’t God just kill him for his rebellion? Why did He even let him continue to exist and infect earth with his evil insinuations?
  • What is our part in this great drama? Do we have any contribution to make at all or are we just pawns caught in the middle?
  • Why were we even created in the first place? Didn’t God know we might sin? He’s God. He must have understood the risk, right?
  • How much of the mess we are in is actually God’s fault?

Stay tuned for progress on this exciting new project from Amazing Discoveries.