Update on Enmity

Wondering what’s happening with the new Enmity series? Several things have changed about the direction of Enmity. Originally planned to be 15 episodes, Amazing Discoveries has decided to cut it down to a smaller number of episodes. We are unclear as to exactly how many episodes it will end up being but we estimate it will 7 or less.  Many topics will be covered quickly in the episode itself but more depth will be available in mini segments called “Inside Enmity” where speakers will explore the ideas presented in the main documentary more deeply, providing additional Scriptural background to topics. Topics such as “Who is Michael the Archangel” for example which require a more deeper Bible study will be segmented to the additional bonus features on the 1st episode.

The team at Amazing Discoveries has been working hard to complete the first episode this year.  The narration is complete and we are now finalizing graphics. Within the next couple weeks, the project will move to the music section where music and sound effects will be added to the documentary. Shortly after the music is ready, we expect to be able to finalize the first episode and send it to press. Sometime this fall, the first episode of Enmity will be available.

Watch for the release of one of the Inside Enmity segments soon.