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Enmity Episode One Premiers on the 14th and 17th of January on ADTV.


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After a couple years of work, the 1st episode is finally on it’s way. The making of this series has been a challenge as the devil has tried repeatedly to hinder it and prevents its completion. By the grace of God, #1 is ready, and #2 is in the works. Throughout the production, the concepts surrounding this issue of enmity have been revealed to us in multiple ways. The war between Christ and Satan is an all-out war that wages every single day. We are so used to living in the world, that we hardly notice that this controversy exists. But it does exist, not only on a global level, but also in relationships between people, and even within our own hearts. Enmity – a permanent hostility between two parties – is seen wherever we look. From the interactions between husband and wife, sister to brother, friend to friend, neighbour to  neighbour, stranger to stranger  – in the family, in society, between countries – enmity rages.


Enmity can be both good and bad. The enmity Satan promotes is hatred against God. And he does everything in his power to create disunity, disharmony, conflict, rebellion, and outright war against God or anything or anyone that might want to follow God. The enmity of God is the grace given by God to resist the devil. It is God working on our twisted hearts to make them in line with His Spirit. This is where enmity rages the most – day to day we are faced with choices – choosing to speak and act and think like God or contrary to Him. And every little choice brings us one step closer or farther away from God and the life of perfect obedience and happiness that He has in plan for each of us. Of the decisions made on that personal level, our society is composed. Of society’s composition, we experience the goodness or evil of what the collective mindset can produce. And most often it is pain and suffering. Because our choices affect others for good or for evil.


The little choices we make each day are not as little as we often think. The outcome of this war between good and evil in our hearts will affect our destiny.


Enmity the series is about this war – the war for every heart, and the war Satan wages against God on a global level.


Enmity #1 begins at the beginning – where it all started – in Genesis. The battle lines were drawn back there in the garden and 6000 years later, we are still not finished with this war. Future episodes will cover this topic further and explore enmity on a personal and global level.


In the end, we find that God’s enmity is our only hope. Allowing God to increase our revulsion for evil, our fear of stepping out of the boundaries of His perfect Law, and thereby a reflection of His character, restoring the image of God that was man was designed to be in the first place.


The Enmity series is for anyone who has asked the hard questions: why there is suffering and pain in this world? what is my purpose in this life? where are we going? how will it end?


We encourage you to share this DVD with friends and family and start meaningful discussions about the real questions in life.

Update on Enmity

Wondering what’s happening with the new Enmity series? Several things have changed about the direction of Enmity. Originally planned to be 15 episodes, Amazing Discoveries has decided to cut it down to a smaller number of episodes. We are unclear as to exactly how many episodes it will end up being but we estimate it will 7 or less.  Many topics will be covered quickly in the episode itself but more depth will be available in mini segments called “Inside Enmity” where speakers will explore the ideas presented in the main documentary more deeply, providing additional Scriptural background to topics. Topics such as “Who is Michael the Archangel” for example which require a more deeper Bible study will be segmented to the additional bonus features on the 1st episode.

The team at Amazing Discoveries has been working hard to complete the first episode this year.  The narration is complete and we are now finalizing graphics. Within the next couple weeks, the project will move to the music section where music and sound effects will be added to the documentary. Shortly after the music is ready, we expect to be able to finalize the first episode and send it to press. Sometime this fall, the first episode of Enmity will be available.

Watch for the release of one of the Inside Enmity segments soon.

Why does God permit suffering?

If God exists, why doesn’t He stop rapists from raping? Why doesn’t He stop suicide bombers from bombing? If He has all the power? Is He indifferent? Then, why worship Him?Are these your questions?Dr Zacharias gives an inspired answer.

Watch here. Seated beside Ravi is Professor John Lennox, a British Mathematician, Philosopher of Science, Christian Apologist and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford.

Enmity – without and within – Prayer Needed

The Enmity documentary series is still underway. We originally intended to have #1 ready by fall 2015, and it looked like we were going to produce the DVD on time. But the devil thought he’d send us a few monkey wrenches.

Ever since we started filming this series, we have had innumerable setbacks and clear evidence that the devil isn’t happy with this project. While recording Walter’s portions, which are so pivotal to the series, our equipment kept failing. Breakers would go off, lights would go off and we could not turn them back on. Already then, more than a year ago, we knew the devil didn’t want this series to be completed.

Since then, the harrassment has continued – from scheduling delays, other work piling up that prevented further progress, technical difficulties, discouragement, and much much more.

This summer, we realized that we need to re-record several portions of the first episode and that in order to produce a good quality production we would need better cameras, and so the search for a camera that was right for this job started, and has taken up more time than expected.

Recently,  the associate script writer & editor has taken other employment and cannot continue on the project – leaving just when we are working on the script of the climax of the series – the most challenging episodes. Also our Bible worker who was just coming on board to help with script, narration, and the set was involved in an accident on the weekend dislocating his arm, and now is also out of commission.

We ask you for your prayers for this project. Please pray that it will be completed, that we will be able to produce a series that will bring glory to God,  and that progress will not be hampered any further. Please also pray that the team involved will not be discouraged by the many setbacks and discouragements that the devil is aiming at us.

God’s Character of Love

The last message of mercy to be given to the world is a revelation of His character of love.

“The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.” Luke 4:18

It is the darkness of misapprehension of God that is enshrouding the world. Men are losing their knowledge of His character of love. It has been misunderstood and misapprehended. Satan blinds the minds of men so that they look upon God with fear – they think of Him as severe and unforgiving. Satan led men to conceive of God as a being whose chief attribute is stern justice – one who is a severe judge, a harsh exacting creditor.

“He pictured the Creator as a Being who is watching with jealous eye to discern the errors and mistakes of men, that He may visit judgments upon them.” (SC11)

Satan misrepresents God. He deceived angels and is deceiving men. He leads them to doubt the word of God and to distrust His goodness. Because God is a God of justice and terrible majesty, Satan made us look on God as severe and unforgiving. Satan seeks to invest the loving Creator with his OWN evil characteristics.

When we look at God as a mean-spirited, cold, exacting, and harsh being, we are actually looking at Satan. That is how Satan would be if he were the judge of this world. Force, manipulation, jealousy, a mean-spirit – these are all attributes of Satan’s government.

Thank God that Satan is a conquered foe. Thank God that He has wrested the dominion of this world out of Satan’s hands, and we may now rejoice in the dominion of the God of mercy and hope.

Teaser Trailer Episode 1 – Production Begins

We have exciting news! We are launching into full production of the Enmity series. Finally after over 3 years of script writing, research, and interview gathering, we are beginning the final recordings and post production of the first episode.

Each episode will also have Spanish and German subtitles in order to make it available to more language groups.

Episode #1 will be ready in the late fall of 2015, with subsequent episodes to be released at regular intervals.

Watch this short teaser of the first episode: https://youtu.be/KSAv3XRSjzc

Please pray for the series, and if you like what you see and believe this project should go forward, please support it with your donations.

Joel Kratzke – Commentary on Enmity

One of Enmity’s major guest contributors is  Joel Kratzke,  pastor and Bible worker from North Dakota.

He believes the Enmity documentary series will be helpful in sharing the story of the Great Controversy and the redemptive plan made available to each of us in the Garden of Eden after the fall of our first parents.

Watch what he has to say here: https://youtu.be/rPbHEcDiOok

Narrator Found !

A Narrator for Enmity has been Found!   The new narrator – Mackenzie Drebit – is also the Co-Director of the series.

IMG_9336-50We searched for a long time for a suitable narrator, asking God to send us the right one. Many put their names forward to our request for a narrator and were prayerfully considered. But God already had the narrator prepared for us. He was not far after all.  Mackenzie Drebit, one of our very own video editors, has a passion for Amazing Discoveries and for this documentary series geared to a target age group of 20 to 45.

Mackenzie came to us from Saskatchewan about a year ago to volunteer as a video editor, and later was hired as staff. As we were searching for a narrator, it became clear that this young man had a desire to make this documentary series a success. After an audition, he was chosen as the narrator for the series. Please pray for him as he works to prepare and present the script as well as directing the narrative scenes.


Finishing this project will be costly. We have received $214,000 to date and need 1 million dollars to complete the project .  That will be an average cost of $66,000 per episode. The normal cost for making successful documentaries ranges from $200,000 to $1,000,000 per one hour documentary.  For about the same price, we are planning to put out 15 episodes, most of them over one hour! Now with an in-house narrator, we will be able to record more swiftly and cheaply.

We have had many obstacles already placed in our path to prevent this series from continuing to completion, and we know that when the devil is angry we are working on something important that God wants us to do.

If you feel passionate about the Enmity series, please consider a donation towards this worthy project. Those that have already seen a rough draft of episode 1 have been excited at what they saw. One individual is looking forward to sharing this series with her secular family and friends, and is anxious to get a copy. Others who have watched the rough draft have had similar sentiments and are excited by the opportunities this project will offer to those who are resistant to the gospel.

We look forward in faith to the completion of this project with your support.

Wendy Goubej
Executive Producer/Director